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Tips for Parents

We take great pride in helping kids of all ages enjoy their dental visits. We work at this by maintaining a calm environment in our offices, and explaining what we are doing. We would rather take our time than rush through a difficult appointment with a young person.

For many children, the most challenging thing about dental visits is unfamiliarity. Please contact us if you want to bring your child for a short social visit before his/her "official" first appointment. We are happy to give a quick tour and answer questions. There is no charge for this.

6776 Lake Drive, Suite 240 | Lino Lakes MN 55014 | ph 651.784.3583

Another good strategy is to bring your child first as an observer. If you would like to bring your child to observe during your own cleaning or treatment appointment, we are happy to accomodate this. Often this helps kids see that going to the dentist is normal and easy.


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